PRAGMATIC is a small training & consulting firm that has been active in the Surinamese market since 2007.

Services include Organizational Transformation, Leadership Development, Management Development, Strategic Development, Project Management, Executive Coaching.

We continuously seek to be a catalyst for organizational transformation, leadership and management development by helping organizations to become more competitive through improvement of their brand, their business processes and their human capital. We call this the inside-outside approach to increasing competitiveness.

The PRAGMATIC network
The services we offer, sprout from the strong fundament of partners we collaborate with. These collaborations help us to remain a continuous learning and growing organization, and enable us to provide world class solutions on a local level.

We are a Licensed Channel Partner of the Ken Blanchard company (kenblanchard.com), Authorized Training Partner of VMEdu (vmedu.com), Partner of van Haren Publishing (vanharen.net).

Where to find us
Address: van Roosveltskade 38 (Ondernemershuis Paramaribo),
phone: +5978794854
email: mail@pragmaticnv.com

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