PRAGMATIC acquires license for DOOR International in Suriname

As of January 2019, PRAGMATIC NV is the official partner in Suriname for another leading Training & Development company in the world, DOOR International.

DOOR International was founded almost 40 years ago, in 1981, in the Netherlands. 11 Years later DOOR entered the international marketplace. The growth of the business was based on the franchising model with the “golden rule” of highly competent trainers, coaches and consultants applying their business experience to the challenges and opportunities of their clients.

After nearly 4 decades, the company has grown out to an international network with a footprint in more that 50 countries. Through its strong partner network, the company is providing services in the field of leadership development, employee development and sales to some of the Fortune 50 companies in the world, including Microsoft, Adidas, Sony and Unilever.

As of February, Suriname is added to this list, now the Training & Development giant has finally entered the Caribbean market through Suriname.

DOOR is a preferred supplier, and has been for many years, for many big and small companies alike, because of the high quality of their programs, and the skills of their partners to translate these research based training and development programs into to the practical day to day activities of participants.

The introduction of their cutting edge online platform enables clients to create development programs for their employees in a very cost-effective way. Using microlearning, which includes 8 kinds of learning interactions, gamification, knowledge cards, direct interaction with facilitators through mobile devices and the community & social options, the digital platform does not only makes learning more fun but also more effective.

Because all DOOR solutions to clients start with a thorough assessment, the client receives a solution that perfectly fits their need. By utilising the blended learning method DOOR and its partners worldwide can provide solutions to create more organizational effectiveness, increase engagement and productivity, and improve competitive advantage.

The DOOR digital platform can be used to create in-company Academies, thus cutting cost of training employees and increasing retention of knowledge and skills.

With DOOR now finally being present on the Surinamese market through its partner PRAGMATIC, over 60 programs can be delivered to local companies.
With these state of the art, researched based training and development programs, combined with over a decade of national and regional experience in the field of Leadership Development and Organizational Transformation, PRAGMATIC can now support local companies to grow even more in this fast changing economy we are going through.

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