Happy Holidays!

Dear partner/ client/ future client,

In 2018 PRAGMATIC has gone through some interesting developments; after acquiring the license for the Ken Blanchard company (one of the world leaders in corporate leadership and management development) to represent them in Suriname and the Caribbean, we started out on an interesting journey in helping organizations in Suriname and the Caribbean region to transform their organization, one leader at a time.

These transformations have led to improved leadership skills, more engaged employees, better managers and an increase of competitiveness of these organizations. Our clients in 2018 included organizations from various industries including mining, trade, government, airline, government agencies and financial services.

As 2018 comes to an end we embark on yet another partnership; this time with the John Maxwell company. As of Q1, 2019 we will also be offering the legendary John Maxwell training and coaching services to our clients in the region.

2019 promises to be an interesting year, and we at PRAGMATIC look forward to serve you in your journey of Organizational Transformation towards even more success.

On behalf of our team, we wish you a great Holiday Season and a fabulous start of a great new year!

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